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Chris Cornell digs Nick

October 26th, 2011 No Comments

Chris Cornell of Soundgarden likes Nick Lowe, per a concert review at in Australia:

The first song performed by the ex-Audioslave frontman was a cover of Nick Lowe’s ‘What’s So Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding’. Before he started playing, Cornell noted that he saw posters on his way to the gig about Nick Lowe’s upcoming performances in Melbourne and encouraged the audience to go.

Cornell has performed this song often in the past, you can here various versions on Yout Tube.

Video from the Australia show (visual quality not so great, but audio ok!):


They Might Be Giants Blog

October 26th, 2011 No Comments

John F of TMBG did a great little blog post about Stiff Records & Nick Lowe……click through to read the whole thing at TMBG site!

JF: Just found this sweet doc about Stiff Records, a UK indie label best known for discovering Elvis Costello. We had the pleasure of working closely with Stiff co-founder Dave Robinson on Mink Car–and that association was a genuine thrill for me. This doc brought back a tremendous number very powerful memories for me as a teenage record fan. Below are a series of youtube clips, many without much going on visually, but the music is worth listening to.

we love artifacts

October 18th, 2011 3 Comments

Dwayne sent us scans of some old Nick Lowe concert tickets. We love this stuff, so if you have any similar things you can scan and send along, like photos, mag covers, tickets, setlist, please do so! admin<at>

The Elvis Costello ticket is from a show at a high school in Long Beach, California.  Mink DeVille opened the show, followed by Nick Lowe (and Rockpile).  This was the very first time I saw Nick and may be the first time he played in the Southern California area.  The tour went on to Hollywood High School a couple of days later and Elvis has released that performance on CD.

The second ticket is from a show in Hollywood, California, which was a GREAT show!  This may be the only time they actually headlined as “Rockpile” in the LA area.  This is the first time I remember Billy Bremner singing lead on some tunes.  Pearl Harbor and the Waves from San Francisco opened.




This one is torn where you can only see part of the name, but it’s from 1982
and was billed as Nick Lowe and His Noise to Go.

The Country Club was in Reseda, California (the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles).  I wish I could remember more about the show, like who opened, but that memory is lost.

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