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11.29 – Music Hall at Fair Park, Dallas

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Review from Nick’s opening slot with Wilco at Dallas Observer blog by Eric Grubbs with fab photos by Mike Brooks.

15 Minutes with Nick Lowe Q&A interview at Austin Chronicle.

Nice piece at

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Nice piece at Austalia’s Nick will be in Australia in the Spring!

He doesn’t sound like a 61-year-old man, be it conversationally or musically. He’s disarmingly modest and polite: even though Nick Lowe wrote
(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding , to this day he isn’t bothered a whit that it’s credited to Elvis Costello. He was in the thick of punk and new wave, but never let himself be identified with either movement, even though he was pivotal to both, and one gets the feeling that – no, really – he likes the idea of getting old.

Read the whole article at!

Q&A with Dallas Observer

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Ahead of the show tonight with Wilco, Nick talks to the Dallas Observer
by Darryl Smyers

At 62, singer/songwriter Nick Lowe can justifiably claim to have just about seen it all. From his days fronting the pub rock band Brinsley Schwarz in the ’70s to his heralded production work for Elvis Costello to his fascinating, recent solo efforts, Lowe has always maintained a remarkable commitment to quality songwriting.

Of course, most folks know Lowe simply as the writer of “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding,” a song that would foster the popular ascension of Elvis Costello. But there’s much more to Lowe than any lone song. As a matter of fact, Lowe’s output from 1994′s The Impossible Bird to the recently issued The Old Magic, is considered his most fruitful period.

Speaking from his home in London and in anticipation of Tuesday’s night performance opening for Wilco at the Music Hall at Fair Park, Lowe spoke with DC-9 about his continued evolution as a songwriter.

Your new CD is The Old Magic. Is the title a reference to returning to a familiar theme? Read the rest at!


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