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Nick on NPR's World Cafe

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NPR is re-streaming Nick’s September appearance on World Cafe. Read more and listen here!

English singer-songwriter Nick Lowe’s reputation often precedes him. He wrote hits “So It Goes,” “What’s So Funny ‘Bout Peace, Love, and Understanding?” and “Cruel to Be Kind,” produced Elvis Costello’s legendary first five albums, collaborated extensively with his wife’s stepfather Johnny Cash and nurtured a well-respected solo career. Lowe is a consistently significant figure in country, rock, punk and new wave, and has left his signature on a range of records in his wake of forty years in the business.


Phone interview with Australia's

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Nick Lowe Channeled Johnny Cash On New Record
by Paul Cashmere on November 12, 2011

Read the rest and listen to the interview here!

In his interview this week, Nick talked about writing the song ‘Checkout Time’ and the opening line “I’m 61years old now, Lord I never thought I’d see 30’. “I was sitting in front of the TV one night just strumming the guitar and that little tune and those chords just came to me and I heard that line and it was kind of Johnny Cash,” he said. “I actually heard him singing it. “I’m 61 years old now”. So I wrote that song about my own mortality. It was a good line so I said “okay Johnny, if you insist I’m going this one”.

Rockpile in Creem Magazine in 1981

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Another great scan from fan Dwayne. This is an article about Rockpile from February 1981. You can download the pages as PDFs.

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