Full Discography

You can find information about Nick’s releases under each decade section in the menu, but we will also provide a complete list here. As complete as we can get it to be that is. Let us know if you see any errors. All info has been gathered from various sources online.

Studio albums:
1978- Jesus of Cool (released in the U.S. as Pure Pop for Now People)
1979- Labour of Lust
1982- Nick The Knife
1983- The Abominable Showman
1984- Nick Lowe & His Cowboy Outfit
1985- The Rose of England
1988- Pinker and Prouder than Previous
1990- Party of One
1994- The Impossible Bird
1998- Dig My Mood
2001- The Convincer
2007- At My Age
2008- Jesus of Cool reissue
2009- Quiet Please…The Best of Nick Lowe
2011- Labour of Lust reissue

Singles, EPs, etc coming soon!