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Tour Trivia!

March 26th, 2012 No Comments

The folks at Yep Roc/Nick HQ have been sharing some fun trivia from Nick’s past over at Facebook.We’re going to pop each of those in here, for posterity.

From March 23:
On April 19, 1978 Nick was in Minneapolis for the first show of Elvis Costello’s third American tour at The State Theater (same bill as the Bay Area Poster pictured here) Almost 34 years to the day later Nick will start his 2012 tour at First Avenue. Tickets here.

From March 25:
Milwaukee: 1982 (?) In town to open for Blondie (?), Nick and band returned to their hotel for a drink and found the bar closing down. Not ready for bed, they hitched a ride with the bartender to Papagaio’s to see the R&B Cadets. A friendship with Paul Cebar was born, and eventually Nick returned to town produce the first track on the ‘Top Happy’ album for Twin Tone (hear it at iTunes!). Don’t miss the Turner Hall show 4/19 Tickets here.

From March 26:
The version of “Without Love” on this live EP was recorded at the Park West in Chicago in 1995. Nick will be back there on April 20. Tickets here.

From March 28:

Quite the lineup (and poster) for this 1980 festival in Toronto! We are not offering free admission with skinny ties to to Nick’s show at the Phoenix Theater on April 23d. But please do attend.. Tickets here.

From March 29:
In 1978, Keith Richards flew directly from Toronto to NY upon his release from his infamous Toronto bust and joined Rockpile onstage at the Bottom Line. Under entirely different circumstances, Nick and his band are flying directly from Toronto to play Town Hall on April 25th.

From March 30:
Little Village played Boston at the end of their first and only US tour in 1992 . This song was definitely in the set list at the Orpheum. This time Nick will be at The Wilbur, just around the corner. Tickets here.

From April 4:

April 27 will be Nick’s third visit to the Tarrytown Music Hall– the first saw him reunite with old pal Graham Parker for the first time in many years. But someone on Nick’s team actually LIVED in Westchester County. Co-Producer, engineer-extraordinaire Neil Brockbank was moved to Westchester by Columbia Records when he was the bass player for The Hitmen. Hard to imagine that in the current ‘record’ business climate. Tickets here.

In our tour of tour markets, didn’t mean to skip Lafayette Indiana (4/21). While Nick is mostly certain that he never played there before, he did stop for a cup of coffee at the McDonald’s in West Lafayette on his way to the Murat Theater to play with Wilco. And he did manage to finesse a rhyme of “Indianapolis” into the first verse of “Burning”

From April 5:
Nick joined Darryl Hall and the late T-Bone Wolk for an early episode of Live From Daryl’s House Who better to take “Cruel To be Kind” back to its Philly-soul roots? (Nick often cites Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes as an inspiration for the Brinsleys’ version of the song). Maybe that’s why Philadelphia audiences are the reigning champs of contributing background vocals to Nick’s solo shows. C’mon Philly.. Nick & Band at the Keswick on 4/29. Tickets here.

From April 6:
In 2001, while promoting the Convincer, which had the sadly memorable release date of 9/11/2001, Nick did an interview with David Segal of the Washington Post. After doing the interview, Segal offered to give Nick a tour of the newsroom. But in the aftermath of 9/11, he could not be admitted without an ID. Thinking quickly, the journalist pulled a copy of The Convincer from his bag, held it up to Nick’s face and the tour continued. Probably wouldn’t work at an airport. Here’s a clip from that month– thanks to Jimmy Vivino for a an amazing horn arrangement. See you at The Birchmere April 30!

From April 9:
The Mighty Yep Roc Records is headquartered in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area, so we’ll look forward to seeing them at the show at The Fletcher on May 2. Here’s Chatham County Line bringing some local flavor to “I Trained Her To Love Me” (although it does seem like the lyrics may be over the heads of a good portion of their audience in this clip)

Rick & The Satellites, the pre-cursor to The Georgia Satellites, were formed shortly after all 4 original members attended a Rockpile Show at the Agora in Atlanta on 12/2/1980. “I really understood what they were doing,” Dan Baird recalls. “They were havin’ fun, playin’ loud and missin’ stuff, and they were great.” Both bands took a few licks and lessons from Chuck, of course. Don’t miss Nick & his band at the Variety Playhouse May 3.

From April 10:
In Light of Nick’s return to New Orleans May 5, here’s Brinsley Schwarz on French TV doing “Ju Ju Man” (written by Jim Ford & Lolly Vegas) and more pertinently, the very cool Allen Toussaint song “Wonder Woman.” Bob Andrews takes the lead on the second song… he now makes his home and music in New Orleans.

From April 11:
Nick’s return to Houston on May 7 for the first time since 1995 is the perfect occasion to watch a little Moon Mullican. Moon was the originator of ’7 Nights To Rock’ and hailed from nearby Polk County. No clips of ’7 nights’ available, but you can’t argue with the sentiment of “Rock And Roll Mr Bullfrog.” Nick Lowe @ The Continental Club Houston w/ Autumn Defense

From April 12:
Nick’s love of Austin is well known.. mostly due to his friendship with Jimmie Vaughan and the Fabulous Thunderbirds–seen here performing on UK TV with Rockpile’s Billy Bremner filling in on Guitar for Jimmie who was in the hospital with a broken leg! Dedicated liner notes readers will know that Jimmie contributed some guitar licks to The Old Magic. La Zona Rosa will be the site of Nick’s first band show in Austin of the new millennium on May 8th.

From April 13:
Nick’s goal is to make his original songs ‘sound like covers’ and his cover songs sound like he wrote them. On At My Age, he tackled “Not Too Long Ago” by the Uniques. Joe Stampley hailed from North Louisiana, and formed the band in Arkansas, where they met the producer of this record– the legendary Dale Hawkins. But it was cut at Robin Hood Studios in Tyler, TX– not far from Dallas where Nick will wrap up his tour May 9 at the Granada Theater


Video interview with Noise11 in Australia

March 21st, 2012 1 Comment

Ahead of his shows in Australia this week, Nick did a video interview with

Nick on Sound Opinions

March 19th, 2012 No Comments

Interview with & performance by Nick on WBEZ’s Sound Opinions over the weekend. You can get a list of links at their website here. Or follow through below (info below taken directly from the SO site)

Show #329: 03.16.12
Jim and Greg talk to English singer, songwriter and producer Nick Lowe about his long career—from the punk and new wave scenes in the ‘70s to his most recent album The Old Magic. Plus, they review the new album from controversial Irish singer Sinead O’Connor.

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